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General Beekeeping / Re: frames and foundation
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 01:22:06 AM »
dunkel, a little late to the party..........

i do use pierco waxed.........but i do melt some wax down, and roll it across the frames. i have used rite cell, and done the same. wood frames.

sorry to read of the loss of your father dunkel.

Honey, Bee Forage; Nectar & Pollen Sources / Re: Bees and Crepe Myrtle
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 01:12:43 AM »
 wm .... :photos: ...!
Beekeeping 101 / Re: Newbee question - orienting vs robbing
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 01:03:19 AM »
"Is it unusual for orienting to occur late in the afternoon?  For example 5:12 pm EDST?"

lastfling.........welcome and like lee said, not unusual........

"I would post a video but don't know how lol."

take your video and upload to you tube. to post here, once uploaded to you tube, copy the url and paste the you tube link in the body of your reply.

"Best I can tell, there's not a lot of fighting, but there are a lot of bees flying facing the hive.  I might. Need to retract as the numbers have dimished considerably since o started typing this"

if there is not a lot of fighting, and bees are flying facing the hive and numbers have guess is orientation.

lee has some great points on robbing and flying behavior, once robbers start they don't quit until the hive is decimated.  also, if you see bits of wax on the landing board or out the front door of the hive, then the hive has certainly been robbed.

"And they have gone through nearly two gallons in 2 1/2 days.  The horizontal hive has a frame feeder and they have done nearly the same."

2 gallons of sugar syrup is a lot of feed to go through in 2 1/2 days, i would be checking the hive/s..
Honey, Bee Forage; Nectar & Pollen Sources / Re: Cherries and Apples
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 12:42:27 AM »
perry, nice pix......

sorry i missed your thread on vineyards?  we have a vineyard down the road from us, bees really don't visit the vineyard except for swarms i take off the vines........... :D and the owner is anal retentive so he sprays whatever growing under to make his vineyard look pretty for his tourists....

we do have a few apple orchards, the owners use herbicides to control dandelions and clover and whatever else growing underneath the canopy.......two of these orchard growers have asked me to bring bees to the orchards, it's not worth the trouble to me. 
Honey, Bee Forage; Nectar & Pollen Sources / Re: Does anyone know
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 12:28:38 AM »
great pix ted!...... elderberry as jen and dunkel have already said..........
Raising Queens / Re: I painted her head
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 12:16:49 AM »
"Vid says it all. Do you think it will be ok? Or might they supersede her?  I moved a frame of her eggs n larvae to a queenless nuc just in case.
Mods feel free to move this to the "worst mistakes " thread if it is appropriate :/"

"Verdict is in: they superseded her."

yes2matt,  great video, loved the chickens in the background!
i am wondering, looking at your vid, if you got paint on her eyes?  dunno, and don't have an answer as to why she was superseded. she was a pretty queen.......... what i also noticed was she wasn't very adept at finding an open cell to plant her butt in ?
(just a suggestion about the vertical video.........maybe next time turn your phone horizontal and take video, rather than vertical ~  :))

btw, us mods are working on a 'worst mistakes thread'............... :D :D :laugh:
"It's hard to believe that I have been that chatty.   :D
I hope I have taken up too much of the world wide interweb with crazy talk.  I am sure I gain more from this forum than I contribute.   :yes:"

bakers..... 12, 13 (jack calls you 13...... :D) you keep on chatting here all you want! you contribute a great deal here, and i am happy to have 'met' you, and happy you are here! thanks!
as far as being chatty, i think the guys yammer more than we do!........... :D
Raising Queens / Re: I painted her head
« Last post by Dunkel on Yesterday at 11:23:43 PM »
Thanks, I'm seeing an experiment in the making :)  I love a good July project, It may make a good scientific method introduction for my students. 
Raising Queens / Re: I painted her head
« Last post by Lburou on Yesterday at 08:59:37 PM »
Lee do you know if it was a particular formulation, like the old school enamel?
This is the marker used three years ago.  This is the paint I'm using now.  I prefer the bottle.  HTH   :)
General Beekeeping / Re: Weak hive
« Last post by rcannon on Yesterday at 08:34:31 PM »
There are eggs on the sides of cells and multiple eggs in cells. The nurse bees are capping the ones that are in the center and ignoring the ones that are not. I'd requeen. Quickly. It's hard to buy queens in Florida during the summer.
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