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General Beekeeping / Almost done extracting!
« Last post by Perry on Today at 03:23:55 PM »
Put in another solid day today and I can see the end of the stacks of supers in the honey house. Despite an earlier prediction of yet another mediocre year (getting used to those), the numbers are looking better than what I expected. I have run 2 ton through my bottling tank (give or take 25 lbs.), and it is now sitting full (300 lbs.) and my primary tank is also full (600 lbs.) and I still have another 65 supers to go. I am thinking if there is any weight in those final 65 supers I may come close to 3 ton. :)
I have had to feed like crazy the last couple of weeks, lost a few 5 over 5 nucs that were so strong Sept. 1st that they ate themselves out of house and home in less than 4 weeks, not bringing in enough to sustain themselves. It was an absolute stupid thing for me to have missed, and could have been caught if I had just taken a few minutes to heft them once in a while, but I was so convinced they were fine I didn't. That dumb mistake won't happen again.
Any and Every Thing / Re: Phoebe At Doggie Day Care
« Last post by Perry on Today at 03:15:31 PM »
That's some tall dog! :o
Copper and Penny play outside, usually chasing one another, sometimes playing tug of war with a toy. Penny would be lost without Copper.
Any and Every Thing / Re: Phoebe At Doggie Day Care
« Last post by Riverrat on Today at 03:08:01 PM »
Thats way cool.  Oscar and Theo spend the day wrestiling and napping.  Both inseparable. 
Any and Every Thing / Phoebe At Doggie Day Care
« Last post by Jen on Today at 12:56:49 PM »
I take Phoebe to doggie day care about twice a week to play with other dogs. There is a Rottweiler there, Baron, who is muscular enough to play hard with Phoebe who absolutely love it. Baron will get underneath Phoebe and topple her over, and Phoebe throws her front arms around his neck and slams him down for the count. The dust tornado is something to behold. It's absolutely hilarious. But by the end of the day when she sees me come thru the gate to pick her up .... "Had a fun day mom, but I'm ready to go home now" 

Beekeeping 101 / Re: SUGAR BRICKS
« Last post by yukonjeff on Today at 05:18:54 AM »
I have 26% humidity in the house now with my wood stove going. I am also able to flip the half dry bricks out of the tin onto cardboard and speeds up the drying time considerably. 
General Beekeeping / Re: Queen outside the hive
« Last post by eltalia on Yesterday at 11:36:29 PM »

On that thought of lessons Kevin, be very clear my input is not "opinion".
Unless noted otherwise I put up a diagnoses, often with a prescribed way forward. Information I charge fees for, locally. Like others in forums who effectively run their business "online" what I do post is given freely without expectation, and like many of those is certainly not "opinion".
I wish the bees in your care well in the months/years ahead, and trust the lessons learnt by yourself are valued highly as there is the path to a valued knowledge base.

Computer Help / Re: server down "barefoot beekeeper"
« Last post by eltalia on Yesterday at 11:33:45 PM »
it appears to be down........just do a google search like "check website down", and you will come across a number of websites that you can do a check on for any website...... ;)

Yep... my first stop was to ping the IPN range to find often a response yet no http connect offered. Old news today as the hops to me are working great. FWIW I find much
the same interrupts happening with a number of sites... has to be my end having a tissy fit as I know my provider struggles with supplying a reliable service, across the board.
And a huge thanks for following up on this :-)

Beekeeping 101 / Re: SUGAR BRICKS
« Last post by riverbee on Yesterday at 10:36:16 PM »
jeff thanks for the pic!  that looks great!

in the past (i think pix on this thread) used a very large square baking sheet and just let them dry out, takes time and my 2 large baking sheets were out of service until the square bricks dried. it can be very humid here so a jump start on the drying process, even put them in a room with a dehumidifier. so this year i used the 20 ounce bowls, can dump about 6 of them in a hive.  jump started the drying process by putting them in the oven, probably didn't need to. i did additional sugar bricks in these bowls, just let them dry down, without putting them in the oven. what i like about this recipe is no messing around, mix it up, drop it in/pack it down and smooth it out in whatever, let it dry down and.......sugar bricks! if one needs bricks sooner, you will have to dry them down in the oven.

so another method added to our arsenal of winter feeding bees!
General Beekeeping / Re: Queen outside the hive
« Last post by Newbee on Yesterday at 04:46:06 PM »
Thanks for all the advice everyone, I appreciate the diversity of opinions.
I wasn't able to locate her yesterday, worked 13-hrs today (e.g. no time to check), hopefully tomorrow I will be able to look, but temps have been in the low 40's (F) here at night, so I'm guessing mother nature took care of the nastiness for me.
Agreed, lesson learned, gives me direction and motivation for my education this winter in preparation for the Spring!
Expect a plethora of wax-moth questions this winter! ;)

- K
Beekeeping 101 / Re: SUGAR BRICKS
« Last post by yukonjeff on Yesterday at 02:02:58 PM »
I made sugar bricks last year and found the easiest way is to put dry sugar in a garbage bag and then use a spray bottle and moisten the sugar one spray at a time and mix the sugar in the bag. This works great, and don't add too much liquid at once.I made a few last night and they are dry this morning (no baking, no mess) I use a cap full of cider vinegar and water for liquid.
I use the biggest pie tins I can find so to cover the top bars as much as I can.

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