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General Beekeeping / Re: still have a hard time snuffing queens.
« Last post by Lastfling on Today at 11:28:22 AM »
I'm very fortunate that I've not been in this position. I still haven't seen my queen since the day I put her in there (and she's a MARKED QUEEN). Hahaha. I know she's in there working hard but I can't find her.


You too, huh??  I have the same problem, so don't feel bad.  LOL.  I know she's there, but where is another question entirely.
Pests and Diseases / Re: Lost a hive to SHB --
« Last post by Lastfling on Today at 11:26:09 AM »
Thanks all for sharing !!  Thought I'd give an update.  There were 16 frames in the hive.  As of yesterday afternoon, I have salvaged 2.  They were frames that bees had built out but as best I could tell had not used.  The bees are still on the ones sitting out, so I've left them out for the time being so they can get what they will.  I'll take a more thorough look at that time to determine what I may be able to salvage. 

WM - You're rights those little buggers are tough, and fast.  There were a few on the 2 frames I referenced above and I believe I chased them all until I caught and squished them before placing frames in freezer.  During my initial cleanup of the hive, I collected a pile of larvae that I proceeded to take to the pond and toss in.  The fish were highly appreciative.  Haha.

BakerDozen - I appreciate the links.  I've read the PDF on the University of Arkansas site and it was very informative.

I'm now down to one hive - as I may have mentioned earlier.  Two deeps with a super that I was hoping to get drawn out.   This hive appears fairly strong, and a bit on the cranky side.  They endured the 2nd OAV yesterday morning of a 3 treatment course.  Plenty of bees in the second deep with a sparse brood pattern when I inspected Saturday.  I believe most of brood that was in this deep had hatched out, as my last inspection there was plenty of brood in a fairly compact pattern.  I didn't go into the bottom deep, as the girls were getting pretty stirred up.  Next time, I'll start with the bottom deep and go up, instead of vice versa. 

Thanks again all.   Warren

Books / Re: Great gift!
« Last post by efmesch on Today at 11:12:49 AM »
I'll bet none of those books mention Varroa or SHB----Ahhh, the bliss of beekeeping in "the good old days"
Any and Every Thing / Re: Happy Birthday Wandering Man!
« Last post by CBT on Today at 09:26:33 AM »
Wait till you get fully retired you'll have more to do than day light allows. :yes: :yes:
Do-It-Yourself Plans and Prints / Re: Home Built 13-wide
« Last post by Dunkel on Today at 08:59:13 AM »
Apis I swear I think I learn something from everyone of your posts.  The more I learn the better I understand each of your posts.  I always think of the Delaplane quote about the horizon on Lazy's website.  I'm going to spend the rest of the day thinking about making a bottom board so I can try out this on a hive or two.
Any and Every Thing / Re: Happy Birthday Wandering Man!
« Last post by Wandering Man on Today at 08:51:22 AM »
Yum! Looks good.

I did say Tuesday, didn't I? Actually,it's Thursday. We play a Silly A-- Marbles game with friends every Thursday evening. Desert is always involved, and 3Reds is bringing it this time.

Tuesday night is Picklball night.

Friday evening is Goldwing group dinner.

This semi-retirement thing has me almost as busy full time employment.
Any and Every Thing / Re: Eclipse And Honey Bees
« Last post by apisbees on Today at 08:32:02 AM »
Thank for posting this, Very interesting. More trivial information to store in the brain. In reality it is probably less disruptive than a thunderstorm passing over your bee yard. But cool all the less.
Any and Every Thing / Re: Eclipse And Honey Bees
« Last post by Dunkel on Today at 08:31:07 AM »
Yes I'm going to the pasture with the cows and bees.  I more interested in the actions of the critters than anything.
Any and Every Thing / Re: things might be crazy here on monday
« Last post by Dunkel on Today at 08:28:39 AM »
You guys are so funny :laugh:  Jen your more than welcome , but I have to charge a very small fee for the idea.  I have to have the funds so I can keep the poet CBT on retainer ;D
Any and Every Thing / Re: things might be crazy here on monday
« Last post by CBT on Today at 08:13:45 AM »
Eclipse honey sweetened by moon shadow. Magic in a jar.  :laugh:
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