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Forum News, Suggestions, Questions / Re: Recent Outage / Upgrade
« Last post by Barbarian on Today at 06:55:14 PM »
Sorry  ..... me again.

I still can't get the "show unread posts..." to display.
Omni .... Looking at the pics again. It almost seems that you have cut the entrance out of the front of the brood box.
              The type of hive I use has a separate floor. The floor has a solid base, a back, 2 sides and a full width entrance. There is a separate piece               of wood which fits in the entrance. Slots cut in this reducer allow you to 1) fully close 2) partially close or 3) have a very small entrance.

At the moment there is a flow on here. The hive entrance is fully open, The foragers can move freely in and out. Inside the hive, the house bees are turning the nectar into honey. The moisture they produce is circulated out of the entrance.
Laugh A Little / Bee Sting?
« Last post by Mikey N.C. on Today at 05:54:25 PM »
Went in 4 boxes got stung once,  rite in th the buttocks.
What are the  girls trying to say :o ;D :laugh:
Laugh A Little / Re: My apologies to beeks from Mississippi
« Last post by Perry on Today at 05:26:37 PM »
 :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
General Beekeeping / Re: Alaska Bee Keeping
« Last post by Lburou on Today at 05:07:26 PM »
Jeff, are you on permafrost?  What is the temperature if you dig down three or four feet?
Laugh A Little / My apologies to beeks from Mississippi
« Last post by Wandering Man on Today at 02:44:58 PM »
I was told this afternoon that the toothbrush had been invented in Mississippi.



If it had been invented anywhere else, it would have been called the "teethbrush."
General Beekeeping / Re: Alaska Bee Keeping
« Last post by yukonjeff on Today at 01:23:44 PM »
Thanks Apis. at this point I am not sure where I will end up but I am shooting for three deeps on two of the hives. but your right, I still need to see where they end up at the end of feeding season, as with the nucs ,I am trying to decide to split one of the three deeps to supplement the empty space in the nucs.

I am planning on putting a deep underneath them,  to get them off the ground for winter.
you might tell your friend that by doing nothing they are likely killing the entire hive. even the Tibetans had an army
General Beekeeping / Re: Alaska Bee Keeping
« Last post by apisbees on Today at 08:17:22 AM »
Whether or not you over winter 2 or 3 high will depends on how much winter stores are needed to over winter on. This is influenced by how much and for how long the bees will take syrup in the fall and how long the winter is till there is forage or feeding can be done for the bees. Also as more insulating is done to the hive in general the bees will consume less honey to generate heat. So a 2 super hive may not have enough stores saved up to over winter successfully when left ill prepared, but wrapped and insulated the hive will come through the winter with out a problem. 
Books / Re: Great gift!
« Last post by Perry on Today at 06:40:43 AM »
Oh well----So I lost that "bet"----Do you think we''ll ever get back to beekeeping books that no longer have to tell us how to treat hives for Varroa and SHB?

Sadly, I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. :sad:
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