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General Beekeeping / Re: Alaska Bee Keeping
« Last post by Lburou on Today at 09:32:56 AM »
Jeff, at 40 degrees, bees wouldn't be flying much or taking in much sugar syrup.  That would be normal.  Without looking inside to see the number of bees on the combs, it is hard for me to say how concerned you should be about that many dead bees.  A member here called 'Apis' is back online again and maybe he will offer an opinion.  :)
I use a couple of these. I put a kitchen sponge in each of the pockets. Works great after the girls find it. Easy to clean and maintain.

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General Beekeeping / Re: Fruit question.... Watermelon mainly.
« Last post by yes2matt on Today at 08:30:08 AM »
Looks like you need a bigger thermometer. Sheesh.

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General Beekeeping / Re: When are hivelocks worthwhile?
« Last post by SmokeyBee on Today at 08:10:23 AM »
Don't know anything about them, but I find these hives very interesting. They're certainly not affected by humidity changes:
Hey Bakers!  You don't post as much as some, though certainly more than I do, but the point is what you DO post is spot on, educational, and yery much appreciated by me.  Thanks Bakersdozen!  Ted
I am working on one for the display at the fair. A large poster / banner and I am putting a April till September time line and having photos of plants connected to the blooming time of the plants as well as the plant name and whether it is a nectar, pollen, or a plant that provides both for the bees. It will be region specific, but I have lists of bee forager plants for the southern interior, northern interior and the cost regions of the Provence. I want to have the one for the southern interior done for the fair at the end of August. And if it turns out well I will put the next two together to display at the honey producers conference at the end of October. When done I will post it here. will have to figure out the pest way to PDF it so it fits with in the file size restraints of attachments. Might have to do a video capture and post it to You-tube, but will worry about that when the time comes.
Thanks RiverRat for looking after the Resource library section.

I look forward to seeing this.  Sounds very cool and maybe something I would like to do for my region. 
Thank you for the kind words.  It's hard to believe that I have been that chatty.   :D 
I hope I have taken up too much of the world wide interweb with crazy talk.  I am sure I gain more from this forum than I contribute.   :yes:
General Beekeeping / Re: Alaska Bee Keeping
« Last post by yukonjeff on Today at 02:48:34 AM »
I now think they starved to death,even with a nut jar feeder on !  Its on a screen under a super on a inner cover with a hole. Lots of dead bees inside too. might of lost the whole hive will do an inspection tomorrow and see if the queen is still alive and add a frame of honey from the other hive.

I brought some of the lethargic bees in the house in a jar and gave them a dab of honey and they are good as new, got lively again

Can I add a shake or two of bees from another hive or will they ball the queen ?

I have another queen should be here any day,was going to start another nuc.

Products Of The Hive / Re: The last jar
« Last post by Jen on Yesterday at 11:59:24 PM »
Such a nice guy you are Randy!  ;) 8)
The banners will be about 3 ft high and 8 ft long so whatever size of file that works out to be. Wont know till I do it.
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