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General Beekeeping / Re: Alaska Bee Keeping
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 08:25:07 PM »
i am not a fan of candy sugar boards, they may work for you or anyone else reading this or maybe for those in southern climates.
my own opinion, i just think feed ought to be placed directly on top of the frames for the bees to access, not through the inner cover or a wire screened 'candy board'. bees move up and will cluster on, around or below the feed.

how i do it is place 2 inch shims on my hives, and make sugar bricks to place in, no boiling, no complicated recipes or blowing up or setting your kitchen on fire or sugar spilled on the floor............ :D just simple bricks, dried before you set them in the is the thread:

some great posts on this thread and some improvements to feed the bees during winter months.

also, one can use the 'mountain camp' method.  never tried this but beeks say this method works.

i prefer to use the 'bricks'.

would just like to say, thanks for joining up and being here.  i enjoy your posts, and i enjoy your pictures and just want to say THANK YOU!
Any and Every Thing / Re: SAPZILLA
« Last post by LazyBkpr on Today at 08:22:06 PM »
The beast!! Wait, how come it looks all messy? Kind of like someone boiled it over? I mean, i tlooks like there is stuff stuck all over the beast, don't you own a towel to wipe the beast down?     :laugh:
Beekeeping 101 / Re: Bee stings
« Last post by Chip Euliss on Today at 08:07:22 PM »
I've been retired for 4 years now but I did a few honeybee studies towards the end of my career.  I did a few collaboratively with a university and the USDA Bee lab.  We always had to write up (and get approved) an animal care and human health section in our study plans.  We weren't allowed to use epipens in those studies and my recollection is that the concern was over liability from unexperienced folks administering epinephrine to a potential victim.  Directions to administer the injection is pretty simple but if not followed, I could see where it could cause problems (e.g., injecting it into an artery).  That said, do I carry an epipen?  When I have folks come with me that don't know if  they are allergic or not, I do and I have my family MD get me a prescription.  I'd rather err on that side than take a chance.  Sounds like the MD who was against it was in the same camp as our government safety officers.
Beekeeping 101 / Re: Autopsy report
« Last post by Chip Euliss on Today at 07:46:43 PM »
Sounds like you had a tough winter!  Wife and I both had a nasty bug this winter but not the flu thank goodness.  I think you diagnosed your problem correctly.  Drone brood is a little longer so it does protrude; I was talking more about when worker cells are extended by the bees to accomodate the larger size of a drone when an unfertilized egg gets deposited in a cell designed a fertilized fertilized offspring.
Products Of The Hive / Re: Storing honeycomb for sale
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 07:17:03 PM »
omni, overtime, the face of comb honey (the white cappings) fades and discolors. placed in the freezer, the freezing process preserves the face of the comb and it is white.  once removed, and thawed, in time it will start to discolor and honey runs out of the cells.  this does take some time.
so i store what i can't sell immediately in the freezer (after initial freezing from wax moth).  customers love that the face of the comb is so white and perfect.

by freezing comb honey, the face of the comb stays nice and white as the day you cut it.  once thawed and exposed to air temps and storage, the color will start to degrade and honey will leak from the cells.  if you are selling it, maybe just take out what you think you need? any leftover that is not sold, throw back in the freezer.  the freezer will delay the process.

hope this made sense?
Beekeeping 101 / Re: Treatment bees or Treatment free ?
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 06:47:00 PM »
thanks chip!
okay, you can upload your wife's video to you tube and then post here. i would love to see the video!
it doesn't take long to do so. just sign up for a you tube account, and upload the video.

otherwise, you can send it to me, i can upload to my own you tube account and post here for you.

i will send you a pm chip........sorry mikey! back to your thread!
Any and Every Thing / Re: SAPZILLA
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 06:41:24 PM »
hey you two, pretty cool!  thanks for the pix! maple syrup is a great deal of work!

advance orders for syrup?! i would buy from you guys!  loved the bunny ears......... :D
Beekeeping 101 / Re: Selling at farmer's markets
« Last post by Bakersdozen on Today at 06:38:08 PM »

 I should have taken the spoon and cut a little piece off for him.

At community markets, yes tasting it convinced them it was a quality product and they'd buy it, but not at these farmer's markets I go to. People ask me if it's raw, if it's poor, if it's been heat treated, if sugar has been used, I offer them a sample and then they still hound at me with these questions. Tasting alone is not enough to dispel these concerns and isn't sufficient for them to determine whether it's a quality, healthy product or not.

I don't even have labels currently, I think I'd be more successful if I did.

I feel as if I need to get around to the beeswax because I have so many buckets of it that storage is becoming an issue, and now wax moth has gotten into a number of them. Point taken about focusing on getting the honey down though. I am pushing myself to my limits and because of so, I'm having less time to refine what I'm doing and the quality can suffer because of so. It's a constant learning experience.

There are maybe half a dozen other people selling honey at this market and it ranges from $10 a kilo (cheap standard low price) to $14. The people selling it at $10 seem to be either middlemen resellers, or amateurs that have poor looking quality containers to store them in, like rewashed jars and what not. I get my containers from a professional plastic/glass wholesale distributor and they look pretty swell.

The beeswax project would probably make a great winter project.  Next year you can add it to your sales table.
It sounds like a wide range of honey products are being offered at the farmer's market.  I see why people are asking a lot of questions.  They are probably trying to figure out the best source.
As for all the Mom would have said something sarcastic about "the Great American public."  In your case I guess we could say something about those Aussies!

I would create a label asap.  I think it would help you move more product. It will look a little more polished too.
Beekeeping 101 / Re: Autopsy report
« Last post by Bakersdozen on Today at 06:30:19 PM »
  Was the worker brood cell surface nice and even (flat appearance) or was it knotty with some cells protruding out past others? 
No, it was typical drone brood.  Scattered, protruding, and not a lot of it.  About the size of your fist on several frames.  There was zero worker brood. 
I probably lost the queen about the time I was trying to recover from pneumonia.  By the time I was back to my old self, cooler weather had set it making it difficult to inspect.
Forum News, Suggestions, Questions / Re: Log on issues
« Last post by riverbee on Today at 06:27:11 PM »
hi fellas,

i had some troubles when firefox was continually updating. suggestions would be to make sure firefox is up to date.

clear your cache and/or delete the cookies for wwb, then log back in.  if you have bookmarked wwb, delete the bookmark. log back in.

let me know what happens.

sorry for the delayed reply barbarian, please you two, let me know what happens after you try the suggestions.
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